We all know, or should know, what's going on here. The right wing media blowhards—the men who run the GOP's racist rump—are going to crank up the paranoid, race-baiting rhetoric until they succeed in pushing a deranged "patriot" over the edge and an attempt is made on the life of President Barack Hussein Socialist Hitler Racist Obama. If the assassination attempt is a success—God fucking forbid—the right wing will have succeeded in removing Obama from office by... what's that phrase again... oh, right: by any means necessary. And the country will be consumed by riots, which will have racial overtones, which the right-wing will point to as proof that they were right: black people, from the dead president on down, are dangerous and violent and coming to get you, white America! The GOP may benefit at the ballot box—because they're the law and order party, the "daddy party"—so why wouldn't these immoral fuckers go for it?

Getting the president killed is a win-win scenario for the Limbaughs, Drudges, Becks, Bachmanns, etc. Let's stop pretending that it's not what they're after.