Geigle at the Justice Center following her arraignment
  • Geigle at the Justice Center following her arraignment
Chantilly Geigle, a Catholic Worker at the Dorothy Day House, was arrested Thursday as part of a protest at Portland City Hall after she allegedly splashed red paint in the entrance to the building.

According to the Oregonian and a posting on the Portland Independent Media Center, Geigle waited for police to arrive while distributing leaflets on the death of James Chasse, a schizophrenic who died while in police custody from injuries he sustained while being arrested. The arrest came on the third anniversary of Chasse's death.

Geigle was arraigned Friday on a felony charge of criminal mischief. She did not want to talk to the Mercury until she had spoken with Thad Betz, her court-appointed lawyer. Betz was in drug court Friday afternoon.

Geigle did call the Mercury before her protest yesterday. "I just don't know what else I can do," she said. "I think it's so important to draw attention to this issue."

More details as we get them—check next week's paper for more.