I didn't repost this article on BikePortland because I thought it might be a hoax. But, I realized, if it is a hoax it will the most hilarious practical joke to be played on Portland cyclists in Stumptown history and therefore worth noting.

Apparently BikePortland's Elly Blue talked to Flaming Lips singer Wayne Coyne and he wants as many Portlanders as possible to show up (clothed) next week on Mt. Tabor, then strip to ride bikes nude in the bands' new video. From the post:

He said he got the idea from the scene at the end of the musical Hair: “You know how it’s a bunch of freaked out naked people climbing some mountain with blood and fire and finding some new civilization there — so I thought of Portland, right?”

Event details: Wednesday, September 23, 10am - 10pm (drop-in)
The top of Mount Tabor, by the basketball courts
No RSVP needed. Just show up wearing clothes, please.
For more information, contact: bikeforthelips at gmail dot com