Seasons change and old father time grumbles and throws his big dick in the dirt and... what was I talking about? Anyway, summer's over, dudes! Today is the last day I'll be classing up this office with my august presence. Before you start having dangerous heart palpitations, calm down. It's more than likely you'll see a post here and there from me on Blogtown, and, of course I'll be in the comments, movie nights, etc. I know. You're relieved. Wipe that sweat off your brow and perk up, little trooper!

I will, however, miss being around all these lovely people. I'll also miss the ice cream man. (I never got to ask him if he'd ever killed anyone, though I meant to. ) I will miss Festive Sombrero and the Effigy of Molly, my predecessor editorial intern.


Since I'm not saying goodbye, I'll leave you with this important message instead. Drink deeply of the cup of life, to the fullest! Just like this cat, except, you know, it doesn't have a cup. Marjorie Skinner tells me cats drinking from faucets are ALL THE RAGE these days. Happy Cat Friday, ya'll!

Also, the Stargate shows are terrible. I wouldn't watch them, if I were you.