So we're down here on the sidewalk outside city hall. One of the best parts of being here is the folks who just come by to talk. We just met Jonah Levy, who comes from a family of tour guides in New York. He flew in last night from Brooklyn, and rented a commuter bike. "One of the first things I wanted to do was ride around the city by bike," he says. Last night he went to the Tin Shed, and Javier's Taco's. He gave us some sunblock.



"Some of the bike culture is working in New York," says Levy, who went to the San Francisco national parking day last year. "But the green boxes in the street here are really cool, and I don't think they could ever work in New York because of the rush. Still, things are changing. Last weekend my brother hosted the New Amsterdam Bike Slam, which had four Dutch architects looking at redesigning four major bike intersections in the city."

He says it seems like bike culture is "really blowing up out here." He and his friend Vegan Dave both picked up the Mercury last night and read it cover to cover, they say. They were all, "I wish I'd bought my water," and Sarah Mirk pointed them both in the direction of a Benson Bubbler. I think they might move here now, were it not for the family tour business. "We were the first family to start a tour business in New York," says Levy. "We had a production company do a screen test, and it did really well, so look for the TV series!"

They're going to tour all the city's parking spots today. Sarah's telling them to do Zoobomb, and apply for the Flaming Lips naked bike riders video. Will Radik just showed up. Thanks to Patrick Wieshampel for sending this picture of a sidewalk picnic this morning.


SIDEWALK BREAKFAST: IN A PARKING SPOT, LEFT TO RIGHT: Meg Story, Jen Kilcoyne, Randy Eskelin, Luna Prado

"We should start Porta-Parks, where you move a park around Portland, lay it down for a day, and people follow it on Twitter," says Jane Ames, from the mayor's office, who came and sat down. "This is obviously just at the brainstorm stage."

The mayor's spokesman, Roy Kaufmann, was telling Levy to go check out Kenny and Zuke's. "But I want to try what Portland is known for," said Levy, who evidently wanted to throw down over the comparative quality of Oregon/New York deli. Dude is GOING to Kenny and Zuke's, now. And he's going to email us the review.