[It's the MusicFest NW edition of On the Road with Floating World, in which Floating World Comics proprietor Jason Leivian handpicks a few comics recommendations for musicians playing in town. Reminder: Swing by Floating World (20 NW 5th) during the week of the show, get 10% off recommended titles. Now here's Jason with tonight's recommendations....]

  • Lisa Hanawalt

Musicfest NW: Mt. Eerie, Karl Blau, Tara Jane O'Neil, No Kids
When: Fri, Sept. 18, 8pm
Where: Backspace, 115 NW 5th Ave

I know Mt. Eerie's Phil Elverum has wonderful taste in comics art because he collaborates with Genevieve Castree, who makes very precious and beautiful comics illustrations and now makes music under the names Woelv and O PAON. See if you can find her limited edition LPs, the accompanying illustration books are gorgeous. Tell her to stop making music so she can make more comics. Just kidding.

Thanks for all the great music Phil, these are for you! Four of the best comics to come out in the past month are not even available from the major distributor that handles all the superhero books. You gotta contact the artists directly—or come by a shop like Floating World, we specialize in this stuff!

LOSE #1 by Michael Deforge. This is Michael's first comic book! Beautifully printed by Koyama Press, this issue collects a few short stories and gag strips like "Dogs in College" and "Young Green Lantern." The main story takes the reader on an incredible journey through cartoon hell. Imagine Dante's Inferno meets Toontown from Roger Rabbit. Michael has an incredible sense of design and composition that you will describe as "original" and "bad ass". Looky here.

STAY AWAY FROM OTHER PEOPLE by Lisa Hanawalt. Nominated for an Ignatz for best mini-comic! Lots of clean ink illustrations of people wearing all manner of fashions, except they have animal heads, bug heads, bird heads. It's a goddam zoo. Mixed with really funny diary-style comics with a lot of nasty and trippy humor. "Wednesday: Our neighbor at work gave me some fruit. His gift did not seem innocent. Close up of cherry [the stem looks like a boner plunging in between some cheeks]. Other things he has given me: compliments, strawberry milkshakes, 'the creeps.'" She's an incredible illustrator. You'll see when Buenaventura Press releases her new book later this year. Or you can see now.

1-800-MICE #3 by Matthew Thurber. I loved the first two issues published by Picturebox. I think Matthew is one of the funniest artists they publish, right up there with Paper Rad. But like I said, the major comics distributor isn't carrying cool stuff like this anymore so issue #3 is self published and they did a great job. Awesome cover, slightly oversized, paper feels nice. I'm only on page 3 and I'm already cracking up out loud. This skywriter is trying to spell out letters in the sky, following complicated directions, sweating, trying not to black out. A space imp or something winks at him and terrifies him out of the cockpit. Oh shit, he's falling to his death. In the background you see the plane falling away, failing to complete the sentence he was writing with smoke. That's just the prelude. More here.

PINK TOMBS OF YOUTH by Pete Toms. Did you see the awesome illustrations Pete did for that Phish article in last week's Mercury? You loved it! I think Pete should be Editor In Chief at Marvel Comics, but that's just my stupid opinion. This was originally an online comic that I curated for Arthur Magazine on their blog. It's about a comics artist who's having trouble distinguishing between his comics and reality. Sort of like a Charlie Kaufman movie starring Chris Ware. It received a really great response and Pete was awesome enough to print up some actual books to hold and love and enjoy. This livejournal interview explains his reasoning.