I know, in my mind, that I'm not alone in my love for Atlus — the company is still afloat, so on some level it must be doing something right — but I don't know if anyone really loves the company like I do.

Plus, they totally have the best swag
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  • Plus, they totally have the best swag

Ok, back up a sec ... that was stepping pretty close to creepy, "I'm under your bed, listening to you breathe" territory. I just mean that, well, if it weren't for Atlus, where would I get to live out my fantasies of being a hardassed Japanese teenager?

How would I express my need to pummel construction workers with oversized mallets?

Who would cater to my constant need to decry the various world religions as paper-thin manifestations of man's inclination to rule other men while piloting a teenage boy dressed as an overly fat bear/cat hybrid?

Atlus is the Pink Floyd of gaming publishers. Some of their games are amazingly well crafted, cerebral and stand as truly legendary creations, and others are pure bizarre experimentalism, seemingly existing solely to prove that some developer, somewhere could convince a group of moneymen to fund his pixelated mindfuck of a game.

Atlus, I salute you for having the courage to do your own thing when so many other publishers just regurgitate Tony Hawks and John Maddens all over a comatose general public (or the poor fiscal sense to know any damn better).