Obama hammers Iran at the U.N. Isn't that a requirement for membership?

Obama gives British Prime Minister the cold shoulder. Five times. WTF?

YOU ARE NOT GOING TO HEAVEN! It doesn't matter if you don't commit suicide: you killed your wife and your five children.

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Memo to future U.S. Presidents: I don't care if you're Beaver Cleaver, someone will label you the AntiChrist!

Republicans cash in on health care debate. Get angry, America!

FBI investigates whether this crime was anti-government. What was your first clue? The man hanging from a tree with "fed" scrawled on his torso?

Scientists develop HIV vaccine. Sort of. It cuts the risk of becoming infected. With strains common in Thailand. Woo-hoo!

More lottery money for schools? Keep your fingers crossed, Oregon!

Let's not forget to raise one to Arthur Guinness today. Yes, that Arthur Guinness. It's his birthday today. Let's all devolve a little, shall we?