Due to space limitations, there was a bit I couldn't shoe-horn into this week's piece on David Cross. No bother, we'll put it here.

First of all, for any of you lucky enough to have tickets to either of the two sold-out shows, you'll likely be getting a peak at a new sit-com from Cross, in partnership with Will Arnett and Spike Jonze. It's called The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, and Jonze is acting here, for the first time since Three Kings. Cross said he got permission to show it, as the production for the UK's Channel 4 may never make it to America.

A few other bits, from the interview:

What led you to write I Drink For A Reason?

Somebody asked me if I wanted to do it. And I said 'OK.'

It seems a bit odd you decided to write a book simply because you were asked to do so.

It's not surprising to me, just knowing my history of most worthwhile things I've done has been somebody else going, 'hey, why don't you do this?' And me going, 'oh yeah, that's a good idea.'

What are some examples?

Well, doing the CD's, that was Sub Pop's idea. Taking the stage show that Bob and I were doing called Mr. Show and pitching it to HBO, that was basically Bob's idea. Reading the Arrested Development script to consider it, that was somebody else's idea.

Are you able to realize most projects you conceptualize?

Oh man, no. No, not at all. I'm very far from that. If that were the case I'd be doing so much and I'd constantly be working.

I mean, Bob and I, who a had a critically successful, cult show called Mr. Show, still have trouble getting another show going. People just aren't interested. We wrote five different movie scripts in and around Run Ronnie Run and nobody will make those.

I had a movie script that I wrote called "Give It Up" that's been floating around since 2000 and nobody will make that. It's far, far, far, far from that. You have to go to England apparently, is the lesson learned. I was able to do what I wanted in England.

Are you at all haunted by the character of Tobias?

No. Sometimes it gets a little annoying, but I'm happy to have that annoyance in my life. I wouldn't trade it for anything. It was a fun character and a show that I'm proud to have been a part of. If occasionally somebody yells something at me in an airport, that's a small price to pay.