Oh, I totally forgot how boring media day can be. Not only was the buffet totally snooze-worthy—Turkey wraps?—the Q&A sessions tend to drag on for far too long. To summarize: Pretty much everyone wants to play (even Bayless, how cute), they have all been working "really hard" in the off-season, and Greg Oden liked the new Bruce Willis movie. The most exciting news of the entire afternoon is that Travis Outlaw now has hair. This changes everything.

Our Andrew Tonry filmed the two clips here—with a skinny Oden and a hairy Outlaw—so you can get an idea of how this works and maybe drum up a little excitement for the upcoming season. The Oden one cuts off at the end, so you'll miss the part where he gets whistled for traveling and then fouls out. Who knew you could foul out of media day?