MANILLA DEATH TOLL RISES!!! Flooding in the Philippines claims 240 lives so far.

COMING OUT!!! 14 year old boy tells police his mom kept him in a cupboard for four and a half years.

OBAMA INDOCTRINATION!!! Or not. It's just like Nazi Germany!

PUBLIC OPTION DEBATE!!! Is poised to explode in the senate.

OBAMA RISKS PRESTIGE FOR CHICAGO OLYMPIC BID!!! "You're damned if you do, and you're damned if you don't," says his wife.

THE DRINKING IN JOURNALISM...TERRIBLE!!! Used to be. Nothing like it today, of course. No no.

POLANSKI'S BOASTFUL LAWYER TRIGGERED ARREST!!! Hint to lawyers: don't be boastful. Let us do that, for you. Also, this:



LAMBERT RIOT!!! Second-place American Idol winner Adam Lambert out-sold Madonna, the Beatles, and Susan Boyle in pre-sales on Monday.

GOING ROGUE!!! That's Palin's book title. Keep writing 'em, Sarah. The Democrats always welcome the boost.

KANYE GOING TO REHAB?!? Not that old trick, surely.

Good day.