Capcom has made it official: Super Street Fighter IV is coming to the Xbox 360 and PS3 in Spring 2010.

So who wants to scream racism first?
  • Capcom
  • So who wants to scream 'racism' first?

Firm details on what SSFIV includes are almost non-existent, but the company has confirmed 8 new characters for the updated release. Oversized Native American stereotype T. Hawk and a Korean Taekwondo fighter named "Juri" are the only additions anyone has been able to spot, and Capcom is being coy on who the remaining six might be.

Instead of releasing the add-on as a downloadable expansion, Capcom is going to be shipping a budget-priced standalone disc to retail that Street Fighter IV owners will need to purchase to access the new content. Presumably you'll simply pop the new disc in, and never need to bother with your original SFIV disc.

Since Capcom's fighting game division is still loyal to its arcade gamer roots you can expect to hear full details on SSFIV as soon as updated arcade machines start making the rounds in Japan, or, at the very latest, when they show up at Golfland in Milpitas, CA.

Bonus: Capcom released a trailer that has found its way to Youtube. I've kindly embedded it below, but honestly the quality is kinda shit and some of the finer details were lost in translation.

Instead, I highly recommend watching the thing via its original Japanese home. Just ignore the moon language and click the box with Ryu in it on the lower left side of the page.