A super early edition, as I've got a plane to catch to New Jersey...

Will the Republicans help Obama with their own mess?

Harry Reid cancels Senate recess, sends Congress straight back to class after lunch.

Headline-hungry justices take up gun control case, you know, just to see what happens.

Iran stops running, sits down for talks about its nuclear program!

Lawyers trying keep Roman Polanski out of jail, succeed in getting you to waste your time reading about it.

Indonesia still reeling from not one but two quakes! Can a region get a break?

International Monetary Fund says global economy is expanding. Waiting to feel the results here...

Ugh. So much seriousness in the world. Isn't there anything lighthearted???

Ahh, yes! Ellen Page calls director Drew Barrymore (you read that right: director!) "inspiring." Here's something inspiring to start your day, courtesy of Ms. Barrymore: