NOT POLICING THEMSELVES Are lawsuits the only real discipline for Portland cops?



GOING...GOING...GO, ALREADY Recall spokesman Jasun Wurster essentially admits defeat at council.

A MATTER OF OPINION County picks Chip Shields for senate district 22. Controversy ensues.

WE'RE #1! NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Portland is now the USA's number one bicycling city, but our spending on bike routes is falling behind other cities.

There's also a couple of niiiice features for you to wrap your chops around.

FULL CYCLE: On the bike builders in the Oregon Manifest handmade bike festival that starts tonight. Cue BIKEGASM!

TAKING THE HIGH GROUND: About Ethan Nadelmann, the Harvey Milk of drug reform, who came to Portland recently and has some great ideas for our policy-makers. Starting with folks in power who use drugs on the weekends "coming out" about it.

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