So Obama's trip to convince world leaders in Copenhagen that Chicago should host the 2016 Olympics has fallen flat, but I'm actually feeling pretty good about Rio de Janeiro right now. Read what happened when it was announced the city won the bid:

"The announcement was shown live on Rio’s Copacabana beach, where tens of thousands of people had begun the party early in front of a main stage flanked by screens. As the envelope was opened in Copenhagen and the city’s name rang out, a loud scream rose from the crowd. Confetti exploded from the stage, as the people, dressed in shorts and bikinis, jumped to samba music and waved Brazilian flags and balloons of green and yellow, the national colors. The crowd spread to the water’s edge, and more people continued to arrive for a celebration that promised to last well into the night."

I'm glad they had the confetti cannons and bikini-clad crowds on hand JUST IN CASE.