So the Hump amateur porn film festival, hosted by Dan Savage, has been going down in Seattle for the past four years. This year the Merc's big sister The Stranger asked Portland to come play—we got a ton of great submissions from Portlanders (if we hadn't I would never allow anyone to refer to this place as "Pornland" ever again), and Savage will be here to host screenings on October 23 & 24 at Cinema 21! Now, Seattle knows what's up because they've seen this thing before—tickets to all screenings in Seattle sold out pretty much instantaneously. But Portland doesn't know what's about to hit it yet, so you can still get tickets here! This video was taken after a Hump screening circa 2007, but the Stranger Humpers all agree that what's in store for 2009 is the best Hump lineup to date, so just picture these reactions times 10.