Here is a total bike nerd orgasm photo of a frame local builder Tony Pereira is unveiling this weekend at Oregon Manifest, a handbuilt bike fest that kicks off with tomorrow's 77-mile bike builders' race.

Kryptonite lock, PDX-made custom frame. Be still, my heart.
  • Pereira's Flickr
  • Kryptonite lock, PDX-made custom frame. Be still, my heart.

Building a U-lock right into a bike?! AGGHHHHHH I'M GETTING JEALOUS JUST THINKING ABOUT IT! The bike is made specifically to fit Portland's blue "staple" racks. AGGHHHHHH! I have no coherent thought to convey except that grumble of pleasure. I steered clear of profiling Tony in my story this week about local bike builders because I wanted to compare very new builders to old-timer Mark DiNucci and Tony's been around for a while. But, as evidenced above, he crafts great bikes in Southeast Portland and, as evidenced by the rain outside, will have a helluva time racing this fancy new bike 77 miles this weekend.

More info about the race and awesome local builders in this week's Mercury or the Manifest homepage.

Thank you Bike Portland twitter for alerting me to the existence of my new favorite thing in the entire world.