Curtis Salgado & Alan Hagar at Holmans during a live broadcast of River City Juke Joint
  • Curtis Salgado & Alan Hagar at Holman's during a live broadcast of River City Juke Joint

It's a sad story, like something out of a blues song. When public radio station KMHD (89.1) was taken over by new management, popular local blues program River City Juke Joint was cut from the schedule. Juke Joint was broadcast live every Friday from Holman's Bar and Grill, and became a local institution of local blues music. Musicians and listeners alike were regularly invited to stop by Holman's to be part of the broadcast, and the show reportedly was a big money-raiser for the public radio station.

But it's been taken off the air due to "creative differences" between the station's new, OPB-aligned management and the show's hosts Brad Brenner and Steve Murray. KMHD has a new blues program to fill the void, but longtime listeners of River City Juke Joint have found themselves without the show they love. So, tonight, Brenner and Murray are reconvening at Holman's to host a "Post-Show Listener Appreciation Party"—in essence, doing an episode of River City Juke Joint whether KMHD is broadcasting it or not. Expect a big crowd, some live blues, drinking (what are the blues without alcohol?), and possible grumbling (what are the blues without a little complaining?). The hosts and longtime fans are hoping to find a new home for the show, and tonight's show/party is the first step.

tonight, Holman's Bar and Grill, 15 SE 28th, 6-10 pm

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