Honestly, I wasn't even gonna watch the trailer for John Woo's new movie. Do I love The Killer and Hard Boiled and Last Hurrah for Chivalry and A Better Tomorrow? Damn straight. Do I have a shameful affection for Face/Off and Mission: Impossible II? Yes. But. My heart still feels the sting of Windtalkers (EXCUSE ME NICOLAS CAGE YOU HAVE SOMETHING ON YOUR EAR); I am still haunted by nightmares of Broken Arrow ("A broken what?"). If John Woo has taught us one thing, my friends, it is that one man is capable of delivering sights and sounds both beautiful and excruciating.

That said, Woo's latest, the forever-in-development Red Cliff, looks pretty badass. YouTube below, non-shitty quality here. And yes, there's a dove in the trailer. Of course there's a dove in the trailer.