I wanted to post a quick follow up to my feature in this week's paper that profiles a couple local bike builders. The builders crafted custom bikes for month-long bike design celebration Oregon Manifest and actually raced the handbuilt bikes 77 miles on Saturday.

As with all great plans, things did not quite go as expected. But you'll be glad to know that only one bike finished the race covered in blood! That would be the Boxer cycle, whose builder ate it on a gravel section of the course.


I didn't talk to the rider and find out exactly what happened, but there was also blood smeared on the beer bottle next to the bike at the post-race party, so I figure he's doing alright.

More photos of bikes from local builders and more about the race below the cut.

Tony Pereira's bike that I gushed over last Friday was just as beautiful in person and held up great during the race.

Jordan Hufnagel's beautiful bike, on the other hand, snapped under the pressure—his front rack cracked while loaded down with the six pack of beer riders had to carry along the course.

Hufnagel in white and Pereira in powder blue.
  • Hufnagel in white and Pereira in powder blue.

Legendary builder Mark DiNucci did worst of all. He didn't even show up for the race! Maybe the 8AM start time was too much for him? Skipping out on the race didn't stop his bike from placing in the top 12 among Manifest judges, but it did get his mom to take the stage at the award's ceremony and berate her son, "I didn't raise you to be a quitter!"

Mark DiNucci: Sorry, Mom!
  • Mark DiNucci: Sorry, Mom!


And, of course, what kind of post-race party is complete without a bicycle built for two kegs?