It's been two days now since Recall spokesman Jasun Wurster told Willamette Week reporter Nigel Jaquiss about a second effort to recall Mayor Sam Adams. Some folks are starting to wonder if this re-recall is simply a figment of Wurster's imagination, however. Like, an "implanted memory," perhaps.

"We've definitely got commitments from 15 to 25 business owners," says Wurster, this morning. "This campaign is going to raise $250,000, use paid signature gatherers, and our list of 30,000 signatures."

So, who are these business owners?

"You can't talk to them."

So, how much are they willing to donate?

"We've had everything from $5,000 to $100,000, to one guy who said he was willing to finance the whole campaign himself," says Wurster.



Wurster says there'll be a press release going out in the next couple of weeks. "That's all I can tell you," he said, adding that he had another call to take, as he signed off.

"We don't know what business leaders Jasun is talking about and we are not involved in any recall effort," says Megan Doern, spokesperson for the Portland Business Alliance.

"I don't know anyone who's involved in this," says Randy Miller, former chair of the PBA. "All I've heard, and I go to business meetings all the time, is that no one supports a second recall effort."

"There's some rumors, and that's all I've heard, that there are people in the business community who didn't like what happened and want to finance another recall," says Fred Stewart, a North Portland realtor who signed the last recall petition but is skeptical about the chances of another campaign succeeding. "We'll see if this is shit or shinola right now, but I think the wad has been shot," he continues. "I don't think the majority of Portland wants to see him go away."

"I'm ready for the recall "consortium" to reveal itself," wrote Oregonian columnist Anna Griffin on Facebook this morning. "If the names "Sho Dozono" and "Mrs. Tom Potter" top the list, I say we all move on." Me too. Dozono is yet to return a call for comment.

Even vintage curmudgeon blogger Jack Bogdanski, to whom we always turn when trying to take the temperature of Portland's "liberal" Irvington baby boomers, feels the same this morning. "Those who want to remove the mayor from office had a full six months to get their act together and engineer a signature drive that would make it possible," he writes. "If they couldn't get it done then, there is no reason to think they will be able to do so now." Adding, somewhat desperately, "Too bad for Portland." Meh.

I call bullshit.