What do you get when you combine legendary game designer Warren Spector (Deus Ex, Wing Commander), Mickey Mouse and the most insidious paintbrush since Vincent Van Gogh stabbed his own ear off?

Epic Mickey?
  • Epic Mickey?

The long-rumored "Epic Mickey" that, as of earlier today, is no longer a rumor.

So what do we know of the game? Not much. That image up there — well, aside from the Wii packaging and the text, which was all added by Internet folk — is the only official info anyone has so far seen from the Wii game. The graphic comes from the next issue of Game Informer magazine, which promises a huge exclusive to clear up burning questions like "why Mickey Mouse?" and "how many X-Men will make cameo appearances?"

Still, it's pretty easy to guess that this game is going to have a darker slant than your typical Disney fare, and that the paintbrush and globs of goo flying off of Mickey's head indicate some kind of painterly mechanic in place. Plus, Spector's penchant for crafting epic, open-world-style roleplaying games leads me to guess that it will be closer to Kingdom Hearts than, say, Gears of War.

Anyone wanna wildly speculate on how Disney plans to cash in on their trademark vermin this time?