• Photoshoppery by me; you're welcome

The Hollywood Reporter has the news that Adrien Brody will star in Predators, Hollywood's 4,527th lazy-ass reboot of a once-beloved property. Meanwhile, Danny Trejo, AKA the baddest motherfucker on the planet, has already been cast, while Topher "Squeaky" Grace* is in talks. The whole thing's being produced and co-written by Robert Rodriguez, and will be helmed by Vacancy director Nimród Antal. (Unlike "Squeaky," "Nimród" is apparently someone's actual name; I guess the accent mark makes it less of an insult or something.)

Loath as I am to acknowledge yet another reboot, they pretty much had me at "Robert Rodriguez does Predator with Danny Trejo." Throwing Brody and Grace into the mix is fine by me—sure, neither of 'em are Arnold, but neither of 'em are Danny Glover, either. So, in celebration, I spent two hours last night eating Cookie Crisp and photoshopping the above image. It's suitable for framing; at the very least, I think we can both agree that it would really class up your workstation if you made it your new desktop background.

*Not his actual nickname, but it seems appropriate. (Also, whatever happened to Hyde? And Fez? Are they dead?)