Regular readers of my column I Love Television™ are probably already familiar with the hilarious work rendered weekly by artist/illustrator Jeremy Eaton. He's an expert at capturing the bizzaro profane tone I squirt out week after week, and now you can see a simply fantastic retrospective of nearly all 700 illustrations he's drawn for I Love Television™ since 1996! (Jesus Christ, has it been that long?)
Check out this mind-numbingly entertaining Flickr page featuring the best of the best, as well as Eaton's exhaustive blog post which documents the history of my monkey/ass obsessed pudgy red-haired character (really, I'm not that fat).
IT'S FREAKING AMAZING, and really makes me re-appreciate the fun and energy he brings to my column every week.
Here's a big I Love Television™ tip o' the hat to you, Jeremy! NICE WORK!!