In this week's Mercury, I wrote a short story about the Old School Kung Fu Masters film series, which is starting this weekend at the Hollywood and will, most likely, be several different kinds of awesome.

But wait—THERE'S MORE! Now you can win tickets to the first two films! Thanks to festival organizer Dan Halsted, I have a pair of tickets for the legendary The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (screens Sat Oct 17 at 7:30 pm) AND a pair of tickets for the slightly less legendary Shaolin vs. Lama (screens Tues Oct 20 at 7:45 pm).

I'm gonna give each pair out separately, so you'll need to pick which film you want to see the most before you enter. Once you decide, email me no later than 4 pm today (October 15), and make sure that your subject line is either "36th Chamber" or "Lama," depending on which film you want to see the most. At 4 pm I'll randomly pick two winners*, one for each film, and I'll email 'em back to let them know how to get their tickets.

OH, AND: Please don't enter twice in an attempt to win both pairs of tickets, 'cause I wanna spread the wealth, etc. However, if you don't care which film you win tickets for—if you just wanna see some big-screen kung fu, dammit, and don't care either way if it has to do with chambers or lamas—then just make your subject line "Bring da Ruckus." When I draw winners for each film, I'll also draw from any emails with the "Bring da Ruckus" subject line.

Have at!

*Flattery helps.