The balloon boy's family continues their descent into legal hell as the sheriff's department plans on pressing several felony charges. And there may have been other conspirators, too!

A new policy memo issued by the justice department says that sanctioned medical marijuana growers or users should not be hassled by the federal government, who will take their war on drugs somewhere else.

In the Afghan election, U.N. fraud busters threw out ONE-THIRD of all the votes for President Hamid Karzai, setting the stage for a run-off with his challenger. Karzai protested the findings, vowing to start an Afghan version of

After receiving heat from conservative Islamic officials who claim her show is immoral, Beyonce is postponing her Malaysia concert as well as her opening number, "All the Single Muslims."

Want to live out your dreams as a frustrated musician while on the go? Yes, there's an app for that. (Rock Band the iPhone app is now on sale for $9.95.)

And finally, if you're worried about Vanilla Ice making a living... don't. He's selling Lite beer in South Africa. (Let's all momentarily recognize the irony of that last statement.)