There's a hip new coffee shop in town. Heart just opened its doors at 2211 E Burnside Street (yep, that's just a few blocks from both Blend and Ruby's, and just next door to the pet store Meat). And because the ecosystem of Portland coffee shops requires that orders of hipness be quantified, let's say that it's classy hip a la Intelligentsia as opposed to cutesy hip or dirty hip (don't worry, I kind of want to stab myself for typing that sentence, too). It's actually a really nice space with big windows and beautiful dark wood floors, and there's a Random Order apple pie under glass just waiting for someone to order a slice. And bring it back to the Mercury office. For me.

I'm drinking a mocha that tastes like a latte but hell, it's day one, and at least the espresso is good. Someone who is not on deadline/trying to think of a new way to say "Jonathan Lethem blurs genre boundaries" could go drink a cup of real coffee and report back in the comments with more details, if they're so inclined. Heart does not yet exist on the internet, but I believe its hours are 7-4.

UPDATE! Hours are 7 am to 4 pm this week, and 6 am-7 pm after that.

UPDATE AGAIN! Website located.