State representative Nick Kahl has endorsed Karol Collymore in the increasingly contentious race for house district 43, along with city commissioner Amanda Fritz, who made her endorsement this morning. Update, Oct 21, 10:05am: Fritz endorsed Lew Frederick. Sorry—I agree with commenters that this intro was unclear. Back to the original post.


Kahl: At our Brewhaha event on urban renewal earlier this year.

Kahl says Collymore is "the only candidate with a tangible record of success in public policy," having worked for County Commissioner Jeff Cogen. "She's smart as heck, she's been working hard, she's done everything she needs to to win this seat," Kahl continues, adding that "there's been a lot of talk" about how the nomination process is decided—particularly because Frederick won the most votes from Democratic precinct captains. "I feel like that talk isn't entirely accurate," he continues. "The Multnomah County Commissioners get to decide."

The Mercury's super secret, mystery endorsement should hit the streets tomorrow night, in time for the County Commissioners' selection of a legislator on Thursday morning.