So did you know that tomorrow marks exactly 38 years and 11 months since someone set off a bomb in Portland City Hall? True!

Here's how Wikipedia tells the tale:

In the early morning hours of November 21, 1970, a dynamite fueled bomb exploded underneath the portico, doing $170,000 in damage. Though no one was injured, windows were blown out, the Council Chamber (located above the blast) was damaged, all of the columns of the portico were damaged and replaced, and the Liberty Bell replica was a complete loss. A new bell was purchased for $8,000 and later moved to Terry Schrunk Plaza. No one was ever arrested or claimed responsibility for the bombing.

The city archives even has this crazy photo of the so-called "Liberty Bell Bombing."

City Hall Under Attack!
  • City Hall Under Attack!

And 38 years and 11 months later, the bomber is still out there. No arrests were ever made, despite spying and investigation by a secret police squad. Who could it be?!