The Multnomah County Commissioners are readying themselves to pick a state legislator for North Portland's house district 43 this morning, starting at 10:30. I'll be following it on Le Twit, hashtag HD43. D'accord.

The endorsements are in, supporters have cast their dyes, and it looks like a nail-biter, with strong support on both sides between the two leading contenders.

Former State Senator Margaret Carter called County Chair Ted Wheeler at 5 o'clock this morning to tell him she's endorsing Lew Frederick for the seat, said a bleary-eyed Wheeler, who happened to be emerging from the MAC this morning (timber millionaire of the people! #embarassing) as I was there to cover the health care protest—although he's staying tight-lipped on which way he may vote. Love you, Ted. Just joshing.

Break it down:

The Oregonian has endorsed Karol Collymore, twice. So has state legislator Nick Kahl. So has Stand For Children. Meanwhile State Senator Chip Shields, who just vacated the house seat, is supporting Frederick. So are City Commissioner Amanda Fritz, Congressman Earl Bluemenauer, Governor Barbara Roberts, and the Mercury. Good luck to both candidates at this morning's hearing.

Also: If someone could throw a punch or maybe a ripe old insult, it would make the whole thing more interesting. Perhaps underdog Eddie Lincoln will sacrifice himself to the tabloid Gods and actually deviate from his talking points? Go on, Eddie. You're not going to win this.

To the Twitcave, Robin!