Proving yet again that its lack of engagement in the race for house district 43 borders on is irresponsible, the Oregonian's website has named "Eddie Lewis" as the third contender in the race won earlier by Lew Frederick. The O's brief article on Frederick's selection has been updated and corrected, now, to name "Eddie Lincoln," without any mention of the earlier error, but Google, and Twitterer @TaBarnhart catch them out:



As you know, I'm a terrible journalist with a lousy record on accuracy. So I'm hardly in a position to throw stones. But the O's latest error compounds earlier problems with its reporting on this race, when they endorsed one candidate without even calling the others to find out what their policy positions might be. I really am appalled by the lack of focus on important local coverage in this instance. Especially given the O's stated goals in a recent internal memo:

"Reveal how power is used, decisions are made and the impact on citizens."; "Question and explore relevant issues in depth, and explain their substance and context." "Serve as the center and catalyst for community conversations."

Thoughts that occur to me, in response: How did today's coverage do any of that? Why is anybody going to think you're serious about these things, when you don't show it?