• Photoshoppery by Nick.
Matt mentioned briefly in yesterday's Good Morning News that former State Senator Avel Gordly will take over the reins of the Adams recall recall from Jasun Wurster.

But yesterday's small wave of media coverage on the issue revealed two interesting details.

One: Gordly joined the recall campaign after being invited by Karin Hansen, wife of the former Mayor who officially unfriended Adams on Facebook this summer. It's interesting to see how these social connections play out.

Two: Hansen wasn't the only convincing voice Gordly heard. She stepped up to lead recall 2.0 after some tough prayer. From the O — "Gordly said today she decided to join the second recall 'over the last couple of days, with a lot of thought and a lot of prayer.'"

Also: The Community to Recall Sam Adams changed their voicemail recently. I know this isn't big news, but it's worth calling the number (503-995-3858) just to hear Wurster's perky voice spell out the recall's move away from the all-volunteer model he championed. Imagine this message read aloud in a upbeat, super-friendly voice like a summer camp counselor's:

"Hi! You've reached the Community to Recall Sam Adams which has gotten a whole lot bigger thanks to local businesses. Soon this campaign will be relaunched, we're resetting the clock. All people who signed the petition will be mailed a new one. Thanks to professional campaign management and paid and volunteer signature gatherers, you will have the opportunity to hold Sam Adams accountable for lying to you. Thanks for all your support and stay tuned cause we've got big things ahead!"