The next entry in the Old School Kung Fu Masters series, Fatal Flying Guillotine, screens at 9:45 on Tuesday, October 27, at the Hollywood Theatre. The pitch, via festival organizer Dan Halsted:

Following the Shaw Brothers' Flying Guillotine film, and Jimmy Wang Yu's classic Master of the Flying Guillotine, came this lower budget batshit-crazy production. A young student is out for revenge for his mother's death, while a group of Shaolin monks search for a kung fu book. All roads lead to an old evil master who fights with dual motorized flying guillotines, beheading anyone who challenges him. This movie seems to have been written in some sort of drug fueled haze, and gets crazier by the minute. Protect your neck!

Dan was kind enough to donate two tickets to the screening for a Blogtown giveaway, and here's how you can win 'em: Email me no later than 1 pm tomorrow (Friday, October 23), and make sure your subject line is "Age of Consent." (Bonus points for anyone who guesses how I arrived at that phrase from Fatal Flying Guillotine.) Shortly after 1 pm on Friday, I'll email the winner to tell 'em how to pick up their tickets.

Sound good? Good. Go.