• Jared Castaldi

Few images, punk or otherwise, are as lasting as Black Flag's "The Bars" logo. The simplistic and stark design created by Raymond Pettibon has long since outlasted the band and is a favorite tattoo for those who enjoy getting punk band logos permanently inked into their skin.

Stewart Ebersole is one of those people, and now he has launched Barred For Life, a website devoted to his documentation of "The Bars," plus a blog that follows him in his travels around the country as he photographs the various tattoos. He's currently making his way West and will be in Portland on Wednesday, October 28th, at Discourage Records (737 SE Morrison).

Not only is this project fun for me, but it is fun for the participants because if you (you meaning anybody) has The Bars tattooed on them, and you know about these events, you might simply show up and we will photograph and interview you.

This looks like a lot of fun. Too bad I'm stuck with my damn Henry Rollins tatoo.

End Hits: Personally, I'd rather get a tattoo of Greg Ginn's 80 cats.