Public Option Still Alive: Senate and House leaders seem committed to the idea, but Obama's currently "not expressing any preference."

Pakistan Using U.S. Military Surveillance: Apparently the U.S. likes sharing.

Iran Nuclear Deal Unraveling: The country's supreme leader might nix the deal to ship Iran's uranium to Russia and France.

Lil Wayne Heads to Rikers Island: Sentenced to a year after police found a gun on his tour bus.

Yesterday Was The National Day of Action Against Police Brutality: But police in Brooklyn took a little action of their own with a Taser against an unarmed woman.

Nerdy Dating Website Calculates Impact of Race: Statistics-loving dating site OKCupid added up how race affects messaging between users:


Oregon Seabird Massacre: Mysterious algae foam is killing thousands of seabirds on the coast.

Portland Streetcar Wins $75 Million: The feds inked the deal today covering half the cost of the streetcar extension to the eastside and OMSI.