Sandlers Merman poster from Funny People.

Following Funny People—in which he played a sell-out comedian who stars in movies like Merman, My Best Friend Is a Robot, and Re-Do—Adam Sandler's next movie will be Jack and Jill, in which he'll play not only Jack, but also (wait for it...) Jill. Variety manages to keep a straight face about this news, but FilmDrunk puts it best:

You can say Funny People was overlong and self-indulgent, it was still the best thing Adam Sandler’s done in 10 years. It was honest, he was actually trying, and he made you remember, oh yeah, this guy’s actually really funny. And how did we reward him? With his first box office flop, pretty much ever. So now we get Adam Sandler playing Jack and Jill in a script from the writer of Paul Blart Mall Cop.