Any previous plans you may have had for Halloween night (Saturday)? DROP 'EM! Because you're gonna want to join the Mercury for our super fun/insane Halloween bash at the Doug Fir (830 E Burnside), appropriately entitled "The Best Little HORROR House in Portland!" Check out all the fun you'll undoubtedly have!

Schedule of Events:
3 pm- 6 pm: Pumpkin Carving in the Doug Fir Bar!
6 pm: Doors open!
7 pm: Pumpkin Smashing Contest, hosted by Gallagher and Billy Corgan!*
7:30 — 9 pm: Horrific skits from local comedy troupes including Hand 2 Mouth, Action/Adventure, and tEEth!
9:00 — 10 pm: Costume (Stripping) Contest! Celebrity judges! $500 in cash prizes!
10:00 pm: Music from The Bugs and Red Fang!
Midnight: Sacrifice a goat!**

And best of all, if you're wearing a costume, ADMISSION IS FREE!
It's gonna get real, it's gonna get raw, and it'll be bestest Halloween ever, we bet. SO JOIN US!


*Not actually Gallagher or Billy Corgan
** Not actually a goat