I'm not going to lie, I missed this yesterday. In fact, I wrote the date down wrong, but it's big news, and so it's time to play catch up. There was a hearing in federal court yesterday to decide whether to unseal certain documents in the Chasse case. The Oregonian and Willamette Week were both there, and I'm going to link you to James Pitkin's coverage because it caught the most interesting angle in proceedings—that the judge not only ruled against releasing more documents, but also, said he's considering trying the Chasse case outside Portland, because it's impossible to find a juror in Multnomah County who hasn't had their mind poisoned by all the media outrage surrounding the case.

As if to bear the judge's opinion out, this video just surfaced online. Full disclosure, I'm working on a documentary about Chasse's death, but it seems some people can't wait for the damned thing to come out, and have begun trying to make documentaries of their own. This one, posted by Bob Seaver, features maudlin piano, and even poetry, to make its point. In particular, it focuses on statements being made recently by the Portland Police Association boss, Scott Westerman, in defense of the officers involved in the death:

Seaver recently discovered iMovie, it seems, having just posted another Youtube focusing on Mark Kruger, a cop with an interest in "military history."