The Mississippi Studios is hosting a Process Church of the Final Judgment ritual on Sunday night, led by Timothy Wyllie, who has just written a book about the church, based on his experiences with it. The cult spun off from Scientology in London during the early 1960s, and went through a series of bizarre permutations, including a connection with Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithful, not to mention George Clinton, who reproduced Process material in two Funkadelic albums. Here, however, is all you need to know about how creepy the whole deal was:



Wyllie has just published Love Sex Fear Death, through Feral House publications out of Port Townsend, Washington. It includes lots of reproduced artwork from when Wyllie was art director of the Church's magazine, as well as music from process church hymns, which will be sung on Sunday night at the Miss, if you're into that. I particularly enjoyed "Christ and Satan Joined In Unity." Very subtle. I figure any cult that span off from Scientology has to be a little interesting, no matter how bizarre.