Big Fat Fraud: UN says Afghanistan's election might be open to rigging.

Just in Time for Halloween! Walmart now sells coffins—and they're even made in the USA!

Clinton Pressed in Pakistan: Though Hillary's on a peace mission, she's got some 'splaining to do about drone plane bombings in Pakistan.

Leakage: Whoopsie! Someone accidentally leaked the names of Congressmen and Senators under ethics investigation.

King of the World! Tony Blair is gunning to be president of the European Union.

Stop You Search Engines: A good little article online about not reading things online.

It's a Bra, No It's a Swine Flu Facemask: Lady wins award for inventing a bra that can become a facemask for herself and a friend.


Long and Wind-y Road: Oregon loves wind power, but what about building new power lines through public land?

Shots Fired on Defazio's Office: Gunfire hit Oregon rep Pete Defazio's office... was he a target?

Bill Sizemore in Trouble... Again! Teachers' union alleges the initiative-grubber and his Nevada financier hid and misused money during the 2008 election.