In addition to music from Red Fang and the Bugs ("metal," I'm told), the Mercury's Halloween party at the Doug Fir tomorrow will feature short performances from some of Portland's most exciting companies:Hand2Mouth, Action/Adventure Theater, and tEEth,

Hand2Mouth Theater's family-themed show Everyone Who Looks Like You has been in development for a while now—tomorrow's a chance to catch a sneak excerpt of the show before the full premiere on Nov 6. Hand2Mouth's best show to date, Repeat After Me, had a Fourth of July theme—who knows what they'll pull out for Halloween....

Everyone Who Looks Like You - Trailer from Hand2Mouth Theatre on Vimeo.

Action/Adventure Theatre is stealthily building an entertainment empire, with a new web series called Fothing that piggybacks on the success of their semi-improvised theater serial Fall of the House. New episodes of Fothing premiere every Wednesday night at the Woods, and hit the web on Thursdays. Of their Halloween performance, Mercury Food Editor Patrick Coleman (himself a former Fall of the House cast member) says, "We have A/A doing confrontational stuff in the crowd, which I hope doesn't lead to anyone getting hurt... 'Cause it totally could."

Kevin's Monologue from Fothing on Vimeo.

I'm a huge fan of dance company tEEth—and they have a native creepiness that makes them perfect Halloween entertainment. Here's an excerpt from last year's Grub:

And finally, the Portland Mercury Players present will present a zombie-themed travesty that promises to shock, offend, and/or make you slightly embarrassed on our behalf.

Performance fun starts around 7:30 pm—that's tomorrow night at the Doug Fir!

(*and the Portland Mercury players .)