Hot damn! The 1978 Shaw Brothers flick Invincible Shaolin screens next week! Dan Halsted of the Grindhouse Film Festival sums it up:

The Venom Mob star as a group of fighters who are pitted against each other in a North Shaolin vs. South Shaolin kung fu showdown! Three South Shaolin students start intensive (and extremely strange) training to master various fighting styles and martial arts weapons. Funky style and huge sideburns reign supreme, colliding with director Chang Cheh's trademark violence and homo-eroticism. This movie also features some of the best training sequences in martial arts movie history.

Wanna go? Of course you do. Wanna go for free? Of course you do.

You know the drill: Email me no later than 4 pm today (Friday October 30), and make sure your email's subject line is "Venom." Shortly after 4 pm, I'll pick a winner at random* and email 'em back to let them know how to pick up their tickets. HAVE AT.

Invincible Shaolin screens Tuesday, November 3, at 7:45 pm at the Hollywood Theatre (4122 NE Sandy).

*Flattery helps.