I'm trying to imagine a large and historically significant gay civil rights group appointing an avowed racist as its director. I'm trying to imagine the board of HRC or GLAAD or NGLTF or GLSEN or Lambda Legal appointing a director who opposed interracial marriage or was against the renewal of the Voting Rights Act or was critical of affirmative action. But it's impossible to imagine a gay rights group appointing a racist bigot as its executive director. It couldn't happen—it shouldn't happen—not a million years.

The reverse however—a large African American civil rights group appointing an anti-gay bigot—just happened. Noted anti-gay bigot Bernice King was appointed to head the Southern Christian Leadership Conference last week. Thankfully she's being called out on her bigotry by the Daily Voice, "Black America's Daily News Source":

Bernice King can make history in two ways. She made it first by becoming the first woman in the 52 year history of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference to take the organization's reins. Now she can make history in another way. She should renounce the anti-gay bigotry of her recent past. That bigotry was on shameful and insulting display in December 2004 when she and thousands of marchers stood at the gravesite of her father, Martin Luther King, Jr., and denounced gay marriage. The implication was that King might well have stood with her and them in their protest against gay rights.

Nothing could be further from the truth. King's fight against bigotry and discrimination, all bigotry and discrimination, was relentless and uncompromising. If anything that day, King would have been across the street from his gravesite with the hundred or so other counter-demonstrators. They loudly shouted that what Bernice and the marchers were doing at her father's gravesite and in his name, was a travesty and a disgrace. King sullied her father's name to show her enmity to gay marriage. She also sullied her mother's too. A few years before Bernice's gravesite antic, Coretta Scott King issued a public statement forcefully denouncing anti-gay bigotry and made it perfectly clear that her husband would be a champion of gay rights if he were alive.

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