Season Three of Mad Men has been uniformly A-MA-ZING. Certainly better than season two, and probably better than season one. And last night's episode was no exception. Check out what one of my fave sites (The Footnotes of Mad Men) had to say about it.


“So, we’re driving, two couples, I call it ‘Double Date.’ The woman in the back’s scarf blows off, and her hair starts blowing. Her hairdo falls apart. (Marty Faraday in the ‘backseat’: ’Oh no!’) And then the woman in front takes off her scarf, and hands it back to the woman in the back. (Peggy: ‘Take mine’.) And he says, ‘Are you sure Marsha?’ Marsha’s hair is perfect. And then her date gives her a knowing smile of admiration on her confident smile — Aqua Net: Arrive in Style.”

Peggy’s going to be working extra late.

Mad Men: Taking national tragedy to awkward new heights.