The early results of the tight Washington elections I blogged about this morning have rolled in. Looks like a win for domestic partnership rights (huzzah!) but only by a terrifyingly small margin (boo!)—51.1 to 48.8 percent. The Stranger's Slog has the victory party photos.

Meanwhile, in Vancouver, anti-toll candidate Tim Leavitt has pulled ahead by nine percent (results here). Barring some last minute miracle, that means the Columbia River Crossing project is in for some crazy negotiations, as Leavitt hinged his entire campaign on nixing tolls from the bridge that has always viewed tolls as necessary. Leavitt and probably-soon-to-be-ex Mayor Royce Pollard poured the most money into a mayoral race in the history of Vancouver. According to The O they raised $124,500 and $174,000 respectively.