I've been riding the buses a lot recently and have been wondering how the hell the drivers make it through an eight hour shift with only a couple five minute breaks. Especially when the drivers on my routes seem to spend most of those breaks reading crime novels or smoking cigarettes. Where do they find the time and place to pee during the workday?! These are the things I wonder about while riding the bus.

Well, according to the transit drivers union, that's apparently an actual problem. Amid the list of job complaints spelled out in the pdf on the union website I stumbled across today is this gripe:

"Many runs are scheduled so that the operator must make the daily choice of making their passengers late or not going to the restroom. In one year alone, 225 TriMet operators had to run for the bushes because they couldn't hold it any longer while another 254 report that they simply do not drink any fluids for the entirety of their 8-10 hour work day. Holding it and not drinking fluids over a long period of time is extremely detrimental to health. Having to 'hold it' is a serious distraction from safe driving."

Indeed! How many TriMet crashes are the result of drivers furiously focusing on their bladder? Anyway, be extra nice to your next TriMet operator. They may be contemplating a run for the bushes.