Behold via Buzzfeed a new web series called "Put This On," for men. It's kinda informative, kinda funny, and seems geared for guys who kinda want to look nice but are kinda shy about feeling ignorant. As you can tell I'm feeling very "kinda" on this. But I do like the "rudimentary" guy on the park table, he's funny. This is the first episode, on denim:

Put This On, Episode 1: Denim from Put This On on Vimeo.

The blog is also full of adorably self-conscious tidbits like, "This is a hat made by fashion types for a mass-market retailer, and it will be purchased by numerous douchebags. That does not mean it is not lovely." Segue: There's a crap-ton of events happening for the ladies this week in Portland retail. Hop over to MOD to fill up your evenings with complimentary wine and browsing. Who said you can't make dinner out of the hors d'oeuvres of four consecutive store parties?