This morning CA Senator Barbara Boxer headed up a "Boxer Rebellion" (ha) on global warming issues, voting to move a landmark climate change bill to the Senate floor despite a complete Republican boycott.

Why is it so hard to get Republicans to even discuss climate change legislation? Maybe we need to work on our sales pitch. One idea environmentalists are tossing around right now is that instead of fighting global warming with the rhetoric of science, fear or appeals to human decency, politicians should start selling climate change legislation with patriotism.

Robert Dujarric pitches the idea in the Christian Science Monitor.

So far, only a global recession has been shown to work when it comes to cutting emissions...

The way to get Americans to take action? Appeal to their patriotism. Historically in times of war, the US government has successfully gotten citizens to join the armed forces, to buy war bonds, and to accept rationing by appealing to their patriotism...

Even if the oil sold in the US comes from Alaska, Texas, or allies like Norway, American demand drives up the price of the commodity, thereby pumping huge flows of dollars into the treasuries of its enemies.

On the other hand, when the US invests in alternative energy sources and energy conservation, it helps spur technological innovation in America and other advanced liberal democracies.

I long for the day when local tea baggers proudly roll up to Michael's Italian Beef on anti-Obama bicycles.

h/t to Sightline. Check out Portland artist Joe Wirtheim's site for more progressive propaganda posters like the one above.