BLACK AND BLUE Gresham's only African American cop alleges discrimination.


Illustration by B T Livermore

PORTLAND'S NEWEST JOINT Smoke weed at Rumpspankers!*

*with a prescription

SAM ADAMS—DRINK THE MINIBAR Why we should be pleased the mayor is into international travel.

TESTING CRAIGSLIST Undercover with Portland's housing discrimination police.

Will the City Pay for 600 New Miles of Bike Lanes?

Read the goddamn news.

Also, read the goddamn feature: THE SECRETS BEHIND THE SECRET LIST. In addition to meeting folks who have been through the program, I found out the city has spent $4.8million on it in the last two years, and has no way to measure its success, despite having been advised during the program's inception that it might be a good idea. Meanwhile, the county can't afford to keep its existing drug court going.

Read the goddamn feature.