We've been using Fandango to reserve movie tickets for a couple of years, and every now and then after I've bought the ticket, this woman's voice will come up and say "click yes to claim your free ticket." So I'd click yes. It turns out I wasn't clicking "yes" to Fandango, but to sign up to a program called "Webloyalty," which has been dinging our debit card $12 every month for the last six months. We only discovered the scam yesterday, after reading about it online.


They must do research to figure out the maximum amount they can charge that people won't notice or care about for at least six months. The guy on the phone actually had the nerve to say that if we quit we would no longer be a member of "reservation rewards" and would lose access to all the benefits. What benefits? NONE! They refunded the six months of charges and said "sorry."

Webloyalty told CBS it's operating within the scope of the law, but I'm never using Fandango again. I don't need an explanation, I don't need an apology, I don't need to call their press person and have them how sorry they are, in fact, fuck it, Fandango, you've got a problem? You call me.

Suck it.

So, to recap: I just want you all to know that Fandango is working with a company that scams people out of their cash. Check your bank statements. See anything weird on there? Fandango can suck it. They've earned the opposite of customer loyalty from me. It would really help me if you would tell ten people to tell ten people about this, too. I want thousands of people walking around by the end of today saying how much Fandango sucks balls. In a bad way. Fandango sucks balls in a bad way!

Fandango can suck it.